Prolotherapy New Jersey Clinics: Are These the Solution to Your Chronic Pain?

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Chronic pain is defined as a pain that occurs for more than 6 months in duration. It is often caused by a lot of factors — age, injury, medication abuse and lifestyle being the most common. Dealing with chronic pain ensues a lot of procedures just to bring back an individual’s normal activities of daily living without the added discomfort brought about by this medical condition. One of many pain relief procedures include prolotherapy. Just how effective are prolotherapy New Jersey clinics in helping individuals heal from pain? What is prolotherapy exactly?

Prolotherapy in Detail 

Prolotherapy is commonly called as “prolo” by some medical practitioners. This method involves injecting an irritant on the area of concern. The solution utilized during this procedure is usually in the form of a dextrose solution. Patients suffering from chronic pain are the ones who can highly benefit from this procedure.

Prolotherapy utilizes the natural healing capacity of the body by means of injecting an irritant. As a compensatory mechanism of the body, the inflammatory system is triggered upon injection, leading to a systemic function of the body cells rushing towards the injected area for the purpose of healing. Prolotherapy functions upon this principle.

Prolotherapy is usually recommended for patients suffering from chronic pain diseases such as arthritis, nerve injuries, back pain, damage to the cartilage as well as accidents obtained from sports activities. In fact, fibromyalgia New Jersey clinics also utilize prolotherapy as a part of their alternative therapy procedures.

The Many Benefits of Prolotherapy

According to Dr. Jennifer Gyi, a medical doctor of Integrated Pain Centers, prolotherapy is a good option for individuals who would rather skip surgery. Since the procedure only involves injecting the affected area with the use of a needle, there is no need to slice and open the skin for an invasive treatment.

The procedure is usually quick and any patient can immediately resume his or her normal activities after prolotherapy. Strength is also improved on the previously affected area of concern and after several procedures, chronic pain is highly minimized. In some cases, chronic pain disappears after successive prolotherapy procedures.

Among the many benefits of prolotherapy involve less sensations of stiffness on the area of concern. Patients undergoing prolotherapy also report having positive laboratory results especially those suffering from arthritis.

Integrated Pain Centers is a highly-acclaimed medical facility offering various pain relief procedures to patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. Utilizing highly-advanced facilities and equipment, this center offers high quality treatment options for individuals living in New Jersey.


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