Prolotherapy New Jersey Clinics: How Is Pain Resolved Through Prolotherapy?


Prolotherapy New Jersey clinics are slowly becoming popular by the day as newer forms of procedures are being discovered for the purpose relieving individuals from unresolved pain conditions. Knowing how prolotherapy works and how it provides pain relief provides a breakthrough way for clients to seek newer ways to improve their overall health and wellness.

Prolotherapy in Detail

Prolotherapy is a procedure that provides pain alleviation for long-term (and sometimes permanent) duration. It works by getting into the main core of the pain condition with the added benefit of using the body’s restorative responses to heal itself.

During prolotherapy, a combination of local anesthesia and dextrose solutions are injected into the affected area of the body experiencing pain. Injecting these solutions results to the body healing itself, thereby facilitating the growth of new tissues, ligaments and fibers.

The procedure usually lasts around 30 minutes and is usually administered over a course of 6 weeks until pain relief is achieved. Individuals undergoing this procedure can immediately proceed to their usual activities after the treatment. Alongside acupuncture New Jersey clinics, prolotherapy is also considered as an alternative option for pain relief and wellness.

What are the Immediate Effects on the Body After Prolotherapy?

Common reactions such as swelling may occur on the side injected by the solution. However, this usually lasts for hours to a few days. There is a good amount of 70-80% of individuals who experience permanent pain relief after completing the course of this procedure. In most cases, activities of daily living can be experienced after the pain condition is resolved.

Stiffness on the joints may also be experienced since the solution is injected directly on these areas of the body. Patients should know that this is just a normal reaction that is bound to disappear a few hours after the said procedure. Another thing to note is the fact that stiffness may or may not be applicable to all patients who have undergone the therapy.

What Are the Conditions that Can Be Treated by Prolotherapy?

Dr. Jennifer Gyi, a renowned pain specialist recommends prolotherapy for individuals suffering from cases such as degenerative diseases, chronic pain conditions (arthritis, joint sprains) as well as nerve-associated illnesses like fibromyalgia or sciatica.

Prolotherapy has a lot of benefits and these offer patients the means to enjoy their activities of daily living without being hampered by chronic pain on every movement. Commonly, fibromyalgia New Jersey pain clinics offer prolotherapy as a part of their treatment. Other associated medical conditions include herniated discs as well as other nerve-related injuries.

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