Knowing More About Prolotherapyand Prolotherapy New Jersey Clinics


Back pains are most common complaints of Americans especially those who are working a sedentary kind of lifestyle. The category of people typically affected by this are those who work on offices as well as individuals who are used to lengthy hours of sitting and standing. A lot of prolotherapy New Jersey clinics have been emerging to help deal with this common medical concern. Prolotherapy provides solutions to the problems of many individuals concerning back pain and the different underlying factors causing it. Most of clinics cater medical management for back pains in order to impede the possible complications it might cause.

What Exactly is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a procedure that involves the use of an injection in order to treat connective tissue injuries on the musculoskeletal system. This is done when the back pain still persists despite rest and non-surgical procedures have been done to the client. The main goal of this therapy is to lessen the back pain and if possible, stop it from recurring again. Also, it is used in order to improve the functioning of an individual.

Prolotherapy utilizes an injection type of treatment that allows a better healing response in small tears and weakened tissues of the body. It also decreases the chances of injury.  Other terms for this method include sclerosant therapy, regenerative injection therapy, “proliferative” injection therapy, sclerotherapy, and nonsurgical ligament reconstruction. However, the most famous other term for this is fibromyalgia therapy.

Fibromyalgia New Jersey clinics have been popular at these times when it comes to treating a lot of conditions such as neck and back pain. Aside from this, these clinics also help treat spine-related cases such as degenerative disc diseases, sacroiliac problems, whiplash and sciatica.

A Closer Look on Prolotherapy

According to research, they have found out that the pain felt by client is caused by an activation of pain receptors in the tendon or ligament tissues. In case you don’t know, these tissues are very much sensitive to stretching and pressure. However, if the prolotherapy procedure is being done, the injected substance goes into the soft tissues and causes an inflammatory response at the site. This in turn will cause natural kind of healing to take place like that of a new blood vessel formation.

According to Dr. Jennifer Gyi,a physician who has specific training in prolotherapy, the main objective of this alternative treatment is to strengthen the torn and injured soft tissue and as much as possible, reduce the instances of back pain. A constant visit to prolotherapy clinics would allow you to maintain your optimum health and wellness while ridding yourself from the debilitating condition of pain.

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