Important Facts Your Need to Know About Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Leg pains are very common nowadays. People who work in offices that require lengthy hours of standing and sitting are the ones who usually experience this. Although this might be nothing for some (thinking that a simple oral medication can cure the pain), there is so much more to this condition on a serious level. A recurrent leg pain can already be alarming. One might be already experiencing what physicians refer as sciatic nerve pain. If you aren’t familiar with this, read on to know more about this medical condition and save yourself from its possible risks. As they say, prevention will always be better than cure.

What is Sciatica and Its Causes?

Sciatica is also known as sciatic nerve pain. The manifestation of this medical condition is usually a leg pain but a very unbearable one. This is caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back of the body of people ages 40 and above. In most cases, the affected nerves are from the buttocks down to the limbs and foot. People having a sciatic nerve pain typically have a difficulty walking in long distances. This is caused by stenosis which is the narrowing of spaces in the spine or the backbone which causes pressure in it.

According to studies, sciatic pain can be worse than severe headache in most cases. It can be a very intolerable pain that even oral medications could not suffice. After many years of study and research, medical practitioners came up with solutions they have found effective in dealing with this type of chronic pain. The treatment would usually include rehabilitation, therapies or chiropractic care. Although the combination of these methods can a bit expensive for some individuals, these potent combinations are known to be effective in dealing with this medical condition.

What is Chiropractic Care and How Helpful Is it?

Other options to deal with sciatica are through surgeries or spinal therapies. But one of the main solutions for this is chiropractic care. This kind of care uses chiropractors in order to do a hands-on spinal manipulation to achieve a proper body alignment in the musculoskeletal structure. Through this kind of method, the body will enable to allow itself to heal even without resorting to surgery or medication. The spine is being manipulated to restore mobility of the joints after a tissue injury caused by a traumatic event like falling or improper body position such like sitting without proper back support.

A medical journal released on 2010 claimed that 60% of people felt a relief after trying out chiropractic care compared to those who had surgeries. This treatment is usually required 3 times a week for one month until it is eventually tapered off depending on the recovery of the patient.

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