Sciatic Nerve Pain: A Detailed Explanation

Sciatica is characterized by a pain on the lower back which radiates all the way down to the buttocks, legs, and even the feet. The main cause behind the occurrence of this medical condition is a nerve that has been compressed due to injury, degenerative illnesses, old age, medical conditions and debilitating lifestyle. Most individuals with sciatica or sciatic nerve pain complain of a chronic, nagging pain which interrupts activities of daily living.

All About the Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerves are considered to be the largest group of nerves in the body system. They originate from the spinal column and connect all the way down to the buttocks and into the back portion of the legs. Once the sciatic nerves are damaged, there is an occurrence of a sharp and disturbing kind of pain. Most individuals suffering from sciatica complain of a tingling, shooting kind of pain similar to a toothache.

The common cause behind the occurrence of sciatica is a herniated disk. This is characterized by a formation of a crack on the disk which later on swells and protrudes into the canal of the spine. This in return touches the sciatic nerve building more pressure on the area. Hence, the pain symptoms start affecting the body. Along with these symptoms involve various conditions such as headache, nausea and body weakness.

Most Common Pain Relief Treatments for Sciatic Nerve Pain

  • Chiropractic care. Individuals who sought the help of a chiropractor have voiced out relief from sciatic nerve pain without the need of undergoing surgery. Spinal manipulation and adjustments have been done for the purpose of pain relief and have proven to be effective after a series of sessions. Individuals suffering from spinal injuries such as spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis have also reported relief from pain after seeking chiropractic care.
  • Using needles to puncture specific pressure points in the body has proven itself to be one of the effective pain relief treatment for sciatic nerve injury. The first few sessions of acupuncture have also been proven to provide relief from nagging pain symptoms of this medical condition.
  • Warm or Cold Compress. The application of warm and cold compress on the area affected by pain offers temporary relief from pain. Placing a heating pad or an ice pack on the affected area for a duration of 15-20 minutes can offer a quick and readily available home remedy treatment for this type of nerve injury.
  • Exercising the body helps increase the flow of blood to the nerves, thereby increasing pain relief. Swimming, yoga and even a mere bicycling and walking experience can help a lot.

Sciatic nerve pain usually lasts for more than 6 weeks in duration. Application of these methods can help individuals attend to their activities of daily living, whether it involves both temporary or permanent pain relief.

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Prolotherapy New Jersey Clinics: Are These the Solution to Your Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is defined as a pain that occurs for more than 6 months in duration. It is often caused by a lot of factors — age, injury, medication abuse and lifestyle being the most common. Dealing with chronic pain ensues a lot of procedures just to bring back an individual’s normal activities of daily living without the added discomfort brought about by this medical condition. One of many pain relief procedures include prolotherapy. Just how effective are prolotherapy New Jersey clinics in helping individuals heal from pain? What is prolotherapy exactly?

Prolotherapy in Detail 

Prolotherapy is commonly called as “prolo” by some medical practitioners. This method involves injecting an irritant on the area of concern. The solution utilized during this procedure is usually in the form of a dextrose solution. Patients suffering from chronic pain are the ones who can highly benefit from this procedure.

Prolotherapy utilizes the natural healing capacity of the body by means of injecting an irritant. As a compensatory mechanism of the body, the inflammatory system is triggered upon injection, leading to a systemic function of the body cells rushing towards the injected area for the purpose of healing. Prolotherapy functions upon this principle.

Prolotherapy is usually recommended for patients suffering from chronic pain diseases such as arthritis, nerve injuries, back pain, damage to the cartilage as well as accidents obtained from sports activities. In fact, fibromyalgia New Jersey clinics also utilize prolotherapy as a part of their alternative therapy procedures.

The Many Benefits of Prolotherapy

According to Dr. Jennifer Gyi, a medical doctor of Integrated Pain Centers, prolotherapy is a good option for individuals who would rather skip surgery. Since the procedure only involves injecting the affected area with the use of a needle, there is no need to slice and open the skin for an invasive treatment.

The procedure is usually quick and any patient can immediately resume his or her normal activities after prolotherapy. Strength is also improved on the previously affected area of concern and after several procedures, chronic pain is highly minimized. In some cases, chronic pain disappears after successive prolotherapy procedures.

Among the many benefits of prolotherapy involve less sensations of stiffness on the area of concern. Patients undergoing prolotherapy also report having positive laboratory results especially those suffering from arthritis.

Integrated Pain Centers is a highly-acclaimed medical facility offering various pain relief procedures to patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. Utilizing highly-advanced facilities and equipment, this center offers high quality treatment options for individuals living in New Jersey.


Important Facts Your Need to Know About Sciatic Nerve Pain

Leg pains are very common nowadays. People who work in offices that require lengthy hours of standing and sitting are the ones who usually experience this. Although this might be nothing for some (thinking that a simple oral medication can cure the pain), there is so much more to this condition on a serious level. A recurrent leg pain can already be alarming. One might be already experiencing what physicians refer as sciatic nerve pain. If you aren’t familiar with this, read on to know more about this medical condition and save yourself from its possible risks. As they say, prevention will always be better than cure.

What is Sciatica and Its Causes?

Sciatica is also known as sciatic nerve pain. The manifestation of this medical condition is usually a leg pain but a very unbearable one. This is caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back of the body of people ages 40 and above. In most cases, the affected nerves are from the buttocks down to the limbs and foot. People having a sciatic nerve pain typically have a difficulty walking in long distances. This is caused by stenosis which is the narrowing of spaces in the spine or the backbone which causes pressure in it.

According to studies, sciatic pain can be worse than severe headache in most cases. It can be a very intolerable pain that even oral medications could not suffice. After many years of study and research, medical practitioners came up with solutions they have found effective in dealing with this type of chronic pain. The treatment would usually include rehabilitation, therapies or chiropractic care. Although the combination of these methods can a bit expensive for some individuals, these potent combinations are known to be effective in dealing with this medical condition.

What is Chiropractic Care and How Helpful Is it?

Other options to deal with sciatica are through surgeries or spinal therapies. But one of the main solutions for this is chiropractic care. This kind of care uses chiropractors in order to do a hands-on spinal manipulation to achieve a proper body alignment in the musculoskeletal structure. Through this kind of method, the body will enable to allow itself to heal even without resorting to surgery or medication. The spine is being manipulated to restore mobility of the joints after a tissue injury caused by a traumatic event like falling or improper body position such like sitting without proper back support.

A medical journal released on 2010 claimed that 60% of people felt a relief after trying out chiropractic care compared to those who had surgeries. This treatment is usually required 3 times a week for one month until it is eventually tapered off depending on the recovery of the patient.

Integrated Pain Centers is a highly competitive medical facility offering various pain management procedures to a large number of individuals dealing with acute and chronic pain. Using top of the line medical facilities and therapies, this center offers relief for individuals looking for various ways to deal with pain and healing.

Acupuncture New Jersey Clinics: Just How Effective Are They For Pain Management?

Acupuncture has been around for more than 3,000 years. Its health benefits are unparalleled and as of today, more and more discoveries are being made on its effect on the body where health and wellness is concerned. Originally from China, acupuncture has reached the Western part of the globe over time. Currently, plenty of acupuncture New Jersey clinics are utilizing this treatment for pain management. However, how effective is it?

Acupuncture in Detail

Long ago, acupuncture has been regarded as an exotic kind of treatment mainly because it originated in China. However, it has become a norm when it was introduced to America. The procedure itself activates the body’s healing mechanism through the stimulation of various “Chi” or energy points in different locations of the body.

Fine needles are being inserted on these “acupoints” for the purpose of stimulation. The presence of electrical impulses associated with these fine needles further intensify the healing effects of this procedure on the body. Chinese people believe that when these acupoints are blocked, the result would be the manifestation of various diseases which can affect the different areas of the body system. Releasing and letting the energy flow with ease is the principle behind this procedure.

Acupuncture in Relation to Pain and Other Medical Conditions

Pain management New Jerseyclinicshighlight the importance of acupuncture as one of the alternative treatment options for acute and chronic pain. A study during the year 2012 resulted to inclusive findings of acupuncture being a good option for individuals suffering from headache, shoulder and neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia as well as other nerve injuries.

Other medical conditions for which acupuncture is being utilized as an alternative method include cancer, dysmenorrhea, asthma, insomnia, spasms, cough, hypertension, stress and anxiety. There are countless others for which acupuncture is being utilized and this is mainly as a complementary therapy alongside the use of medication.

Other massage therapy New Jersey facilities also utilize acupuncture alongside their massage treatment options for a good combination package. The desired effect would usually include proper sleep and relaxation along with stress and tension reduction.

Acupuncture and Some Common Contraindications

Acupuncture is contraindicated for individuals wearing pacemakers. Also included in the list are pregnant women, those who are taking certain medications and those suffering from infectious skin conditions.

Integrated Pain Centers offer pain management solutions for individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain. Utilizing advanced technology and high-quality equipment, Integrated Pain Centers offer state-of-art therapies for various medical conditions.

Prolotherapy New Jersey Clinics: How Is Pain Resolved Through Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy New Jersey clinics are slowly becoming popular by the day as newer forms of procedures are being discovered for the purpose relieving individuals from unresolved pain conditions. Knowing how prolotherapy works and how it provides pain relief provides a breakthrough way for clients to seek newer ways to improve their overall health and wellness.

Prolotherapy in Detail

Prolotherapy is a procedure that provides pain alleviation for long-term (and sometimes permanent) duration. It works by getting into the main core of the pain condition with the added benefit of using the body’s restorative responses to heal itself.

During prolotherapy, a combination of local anesthesia and dextrose solutions are injected into the affected area of the body experiencing pain. Injecting these solutions results to the body healing itself, thereby facilitating the growth of new tissues, ligaments and fibers.

The procedure usually lasts around 30 minutes and is usually administered over a course of 6 weeks until pain relief is achieved. Individuals undergoing this procedure can immediately proceed to their usual activities after the treatment. Alongside acupuncture New Jersey clinics, prolotherapy is also considered as an alternative option for pain relief and wellness.

What are the Immediate Effects on the Body After Prolotherapy?

Common reactions such as swelling may occur on the side injected by the solution. However, this usually lasts for hours to a few days. There is a good amount of 70-80% of individuals who experience permanent pain relief after completing the course of this procedure. In most cases, activities of daily living can be experienced after the pain condition is resolved.

Stiffness on the joints may also be experienced since the solution is injected directly on these areas of the body. Patients should know that this is just a normal reaction that is bound to disappear a few hours after the said procedure. Another thing to note is the fact that stiffness may or may not be applicable to all patients who have undergone the therapy.

What Are the Conditions that Can Be Treated by Prolotherapy?

Dr. Jennifer Gyi, a renowned pain specialist recommends prolotherapy for individuals suffering from cases such as degenerative diseases, chronic pain conditions (arthritis, joint sprains) as well as nerve-associated illnesses like fibromyalgia or sciatica.

Prolotherapy has a lot of benefits and these offer patients the means to enjoy their activities of daily living without being hampered by chronic pain on every movement. Commonly, fibromyalgia New Jersey pain clinics offer prolotherapy as a part of their treatment. Other associated medical conditions include herniated discs as well as other nerve-related injuries.

Integrated Pain Centers is a one-stop medical clinic for individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain. Utilizing top and highly-advanced technology for various treatments, this clinic offers an extensive list of pain therapy options for ailing individuals.

Knowing More About Prolotherapyand Prolotherapy New Jersey Clinics

Back pains are most common complaints of Americans especially those who are working a sedentary kind of lifestyle. The category of people typically affected by this are those who work on offices as well as individuals who are used to lengthy hours of sitting and standing. A lot of prolotherapy New Jersey clinics have been emerging to help deal with this common medical concern. Prolotherapy provides solutions to the problems of many individuals concerning back pain and the different underlying factors causing it. Most of clinics cater medical management for back pains in order to impede the possible complications it might cause.

What Exactly is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a procedure that involves the use of an injection in order to treat connective tissue injuries on the musculoskeletal system. This is done when the back pain still persists despite rest and non-surgical procedures have been done to the client. The main goal of this therapy is to lessen the back pain and if possible, stop it from recurring again. Also, it is used in order to improve the functioning of an individual.

Prolotherapy utilizes an injection type of treatment that allows a better healing response in small tears and weakened tissues of the body. It also decreases the chances of injury.  Other terms for this method include sclerosant therapy, regenerative injection therapy, “proliferative” injection therapy, sclerotherapy, and nonsurgical ligament reconstruction. However, the most famous other term for this is fibromyalgia therapy.

Fibromyalgia New Jersey clinics have been popular at these times when it comes to treating a lot of conditions such as neck and back pain. Aside from this, these clinics also help treat spine-related cases such as degenerative disc diseases, sacroiliac problems, whiplash and sciatica.

A Closer Look on Prolotherapy

According to research, they have found out that the pain felt by client is caused by an activation of pain receptors in the tendon or ligament tissues. In case you don’t know, these tissues are very much sensitive to stretching and pressure. However, if the prolotherapy procedure is being done, the injected substance goes into the soft tissues and causes an inflammatory response at the site. This in turn will cause natural kind of healing to take place like that of a new blood vessel formation.

According to Dr. Jennifer Gyi,a physician who has specific training in prolotherapy, the main objective of this alternative treatment is to strengthen the torn and injured soft tissue and as much as possible, reduce the instances of back pain. A constant visit to prolotherapy clinics would allow you to maintain your optimum health and wellness while ridding yourself from the debilitating condition of pain.

Integrated Pain Centers is a highly-acclaimed pain management center that deals with a lot of pain treatment therapies for individuals suffering from the discomfort of nerve injuries. Backed with science and technology, it delivers unparalleled services with a holistic approach.

Acupuncture New Jersey Treatments: How Safe and Effective Are They?

Acupuncture has been one of the greatest discoveries of all time. It is one of the most revolutionary methods discovered to help the body heal from different illnesses and medical conditions. New Jersey has currently earned this distinction of offering such methods from people who want to try alternative therapy as a means of healing. But how did it start? Where did it actually come from? And what actually happens if you undergo this kind of treatment? This article discusses the details regarding acupuncture New Jersey treatments along with a short summary of the suggested mechanism on how the body heals with this kind of method.

Introduction to Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a kind of therapy that is used in order to cure pain and illness in the body. However, the thing that makes it unconventional is the use of needles. This has been an effective treatment that originated 3000 years ago in ancient China. Chinese people have been utilizing the use of needles to release and resolve energy or Chi points in the body. When these energy points are relieved, the body regains its normal function.

As the years passed by, acupuncture has crossed its borders to Western countries. It has penetrated America,with New Jersey being one of the hubs of acupuncture therapies in the country. This is the reason why pain management New Jersey clinics are getting more and more popular at the moment.

A Closer look at Acupuncture

The interesting part of the procedure involves the use of fine needles. Fine needles are more appropriate and safer than other kind of needle and would usually range from gauge 32 until gauge 36 in size. These are then inserted to certain body locations known as acupoints. Old manuals would describe up to 356 mapped points situated on meridians. Most resources also describe these various channels of energy flowingtowards the external parts of the body.

Chinese are very much fond of the different forces of nature, thus, the birth of acupuncture. As a matter of fact, traditional Chinese have a medicine system (commonly known as TCM)which regards the body as a delicate thing. The body, as fragile as it is, should have a balance of two contrasting forces which is the yin and yang.

In case you do not have any idea about this, Yin embodies the slow, cold and passive kind of principle while yang characterizes the enthusiastic, hot and active kind of force inside the body. Basically, acupuncture balances the different forces of the body which is important in maintaining optimum health.

Acupuncture and massage therapy New Jerseyclinics are now getting popular with their traditional and alternative approach to pain management and healing. As the years continue to progress, more and more discoveries are expected to come up in helping the body regain its optimal health.

Integrated Pain Centers offers a wide array of services to help with pain management and healing. Backed with professional services and treatment options, it is one of the leading centers for alternative treatment, health and relaxation.



Effective Pain Management New Jersey Treatments for Chronic Pain

With the rising number of clinics and medical facilities in New Jersey, it is not surprising to find a large amount of treatments aimed at solving chronic pain. With today’s technology, pain management is now readily available for everyone seeking alleviation from not being able to enjoy common activities of daily living. Listed below are some of the most popular pain management New Jersey treatments available in this side of the country.


There are certain pressure points that when triggered and poked with the use of a fine needle, can help the body relieve itself from pain and stress. Acupuncture New Jersey clinics claim that disruption of this energy flow is the prime leading cause of disease occurrence. Chinese people believe in the power of acupuncture in terms of releasing energy to certain Qi points.

Massage Therapy

Massage helps promote normal blood flow to the different parts of the body. When certain body areas are massaged, the body improves its circulation and mobility while releasing tension on the joints and muscles. Massage therapy New Jersey clinics would usually offer mild, medium and hard massage therapy depending on the needs and medical condition of the patient.


Scents are known to promote health and wellness. They can also be utilized as a form of chronic pain treatment due to the different benefits brought about by essential oils. Minty scents of eucalyptus, ginger and peppermint help promote healing and mental relief from stress.


Yoga is the popular exercise in terms of relieving the body from chronic pain. The stretching of various body parts help relieve the body from soreness and other pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Most experts claim that yoga can help relieve the body from pain, improve sleep and relaxation as well as boost the body’s mental function.

Different Factors Associated with Pain

There are different factors attributed to the occurrence of pain in the body. This may be due to an existing medical condition such as arthritis and nerve damage, over-activity, injury and adverse reactions to medication use.

Chronic pain can interfere with one’s activities and only when it is resolved, can bring about the body’s much needed relief. Using painkillers as pain management options can help bring about a dependency on the body systems as well as damage certain body organs with chronic use.

Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and exercise are complementary pain relief options, but they are capable of improving the body’s function without harming the body system.

Integrated Pain Centers provides a comprehensive approach to pain management in New Jersey area. Their top of the line pain management therapies and equipments offers a good haven of relief and relaxation for individuals suffering from chronic and acute pain.

Proper Pain Management for Back Pain

Back pain problems have been one of the most common complaints of professionals especially those who are working on offices or jobs that require long hours of standing and sitting. The lengthy periods of doing these things can cause a strain on the body and would usually manifest on the back since this is where the weight of the body system gets its support. So in this article, we would be able to know more about back pain, how it is treated and how you can possibly have the proper pain management for this concern.

Like any kind of intervention, back pain can be aided through the help of injections. This medical intervention can help two typical back pain problems which are radiculopathy and spinal stenosis. This is also used in curing other type of back pains that any person feel. It could be a great tool in order to diagnose the patient’s condition very well. Be it known that if you don’t seek for medical help immediately, this back pain would lead to neck pain or worse, a life threatening situation.

Benefits of Injections

As aforementioned, radiculopathy and spinal stenosis are the main objectives of these injections. Radiculopathy actually refers to the inflammation or injury to a nerve that typically happens in the neck, thus the neck pain. The problem starts where the nerve exits the spine. The pain radiculopathy gives is something like a sharp pain that shoots from the lower back down to the leg or even both. It can also happen or start from the neck radiating to the arm. A medical condition such as herniated disc can also be the root of radiculopathy.

Another condition is called the spinal stenosis. In this kind of situation, the lower spine becomes narrowed which then leads to a compression of the nerves inside the system. This pain it causes typically happens in the buttock or on the legs. This pain may or may not be accompanied by back pain too. The bad thing about this is that, if the body increases its activity, the pain will likely shoot up as well. However, a relief might be achieved by trying to lean forward. With all this condition, a proper pain management should be implemented in order to remedy the problem.

The Different Kinds of Injections and Other Pain Management Options

As it has been discussed, injections are just some of the best interventions there is for back pain. The medications for pain in the back are usually administered around the inflamed or injured nerves. There are a lot of injections readily available but the most common among them all are epidural, nerve block and discography. You just have to consult your physician for the proper one to use for your health safety.

There is no need for invasive procedures, ideal for those who don’t want aggressive measures to deal with pain and other health-related concerns.As technology improves, more and more procedures are being introduced, helping individuals get more choices when it comes to healing, wellness and pain management.

Everything You Need to Know About Sciatic Nerve

Before trying to get to know what sciatica or sciatic nerve pain is, you should be acquainted first with sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the prime single nerve in the human body. It runs from each side of the lower spine going to the buttocks then into the back of the thigh and all the way down a person’s foot. This nerve plays an essential role in connecting the spinal cord with the leg and muscles of the foot. It has been known that we should really take care of this nerve like what we ought to do with our body.

Getting A Closer Look at Sciatica

Upon knowing what sciatic nerve already is, sciatica refers to any type of pain or neurological symptoms that are experienced along the sciatic nerve. Any kind of deviation will fall into this kind of area of concern. One funny thing is the fact that people most of the time are unaware of the existence of our sciatic nerve. However, this is actually one area we really need to acquaint ourselves with.

When a typical irritant such as a bone spur or a herniated disk happens, sciatic pain can be extremely severe. It would then lead to other problems such as inflammation and on worse cases, numbness. Having a paralyzed leg isn’t a fun thing at all. In most cases, only one leg is affected. The symptoms that a person may experience are lower and upper leg pain, shoulder pain, back pain, mild numbness and severe pain. Having all these types of pain might be a great hindrance to all your daily activities and may hamper your optimum health.

Unluckily, a lot of cases of sciatica would last until a week or more. This can be a huge problem especially for people who have low pain tolerance plus their respective work would be eventually disrupted. It isn’t that fun at all to experience a major back pain when you are trying to hit a deadline! The discomfort it may bring will somehow interfere on occupations or lifestyles.

Another problem found is the lack of medical options for sciatic nerve pain or sciatica. The pain relief treatment options are very narrow. Aside from surgical procedure, if nerve compression is severe, home care is the only option left.

Home care would include the use of hot and cold packs, braces, topicals and oral medications. Home care as your last option should never be on the list at the first place. That is why it’s always ideal to have preventive measures taken. Prevention is and will always be better than cure. With all these things in mind, it would always be helpful if you take a proper diet and exercise as well as appropriate nutrition in the body. Take care of your sciatic nerve; take care of your health!